Every penny counts ...

Donations can be little or large, as every penny is well used at The New Arc. We usually have around 400-500 animals, all of which need to be fed, receive veterinary treatment and accomodated. Our costs are very high, and donations are very low, so we appreciate everything. We receive no government or lottery funding - donations keep the Arc afloat. Whatever you can afford to donate will make an enormous difference to the animals in our care.

Sponsored events

If you are planning to do a sponsored event to fundraise for us, please ask for our sponsor form and give us full details of the event, date, time, and we can then add it to our news page.

Please note if you are a tax payer, and fill in a Gift Aid Form for us, we can claim an extra 28p per £1 from the Government. It costs you nothing over your original donation but helps us a tremendous amount. You can download a Gift Aid Form here, or ask us for one.

Online donations via PayPal

You may make donations via PayPal by clicking the "Donate" button below:


If you would like to donate by cheque (we don't recommend posting cash). Cheques should be made out to "The North East Wildlife & Animal Rescue Centre" and be sent to:

The New Arc
Nether Auquhadlie
AB41 8UW

Donations of Goods

Donations of goods are always welcome, particularly cat and dog food, but most type of animal feed or bedding can be used. We also regularly need old blankets as we use a tremendous amount throughout the year.


A large proportion of our funding comes from our members and friends in one way or another, whether through sponsorship, donations or developing fundraising activities.

When making your Will, you can also choose to leave a gift in your Will to The New Arc. We spend a lot of money in a year and the security of a gift in your will offers would allow us to plan ahead.

Why make a Will?

Your Will allows you to appropriate funds to your exact wishes, however, nearly two-thirds of adults have not made a Will. Any gift in your Will is also exempt from Inheritance Tax.

When making a Will you should consult a solicitor. Friends may recommend one or you can check the internet or yellow pages. The services of a solicitor help ensure your wishes are carried out according to your wishes. Check the fee – it will probably be less than you expected.

What is a Legacy?

Details of various kinds of legacy a listed below.

  • Pecuniary Legacy: A stated sum of money to be donated to the charity from your estate.
  • Residuary Legacy: The remainder of the estate to be donated to the charity when payment to all other parties including Inheritance Tax has been made.
  • Specific Legacy: A particular item from your estate e.g. jewellery.
  • Reversionary Legacy: Bequeath all or part of the estate to a person for his or her lifetime. When he or she dies the legacy passes to another person, charity or body chosen by you.

Are there any special words I should use in my Will?

To ensure your Will is correct, please seek the advice of your solicitor.

Our Registered Charity Number

The Registered Charity number for The North East Wildlife & Animal Rescue Centre (The New Arc) is: SC 037332.