The New Arc

The New Arc

The North East Wildlife & Animal Rescue Centre

Welcome to The New Arc

The North East Wildlife & Animal Rescue Centre is a small independent Charity, based just outside Ellon, Aberdeenshire.

We are a sanctuary and haven for many unwanted, abused and abandoned pets, including horses, goats, pigs, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs, hens and ducks. Our particular interest is in wildlife rehabilitation, and we have many years experience in hand-rearing orphan birds, and dealing with orphaned and injured mammals.

For more information, including what we do, where we are, and how to contact us, please visit our about page.

Thank You Wayfair

Wayfair LogoWe were delighted to received £100 worth of goods from Wayfair, which we used to purchase new lighting in readiness for installation in our new Cat House. A very generous and thoughtful gesture and we are delighted with the items.
Thank you Wayfair!

Opening Times

Please note we are not open  for visits to come and see the animals.  Whilst we are happy to received injured wildlife at any time (it is always best to ring before arriving to give us your expected arrival time), we are not presently able to receive members of the public for tours.

Rain, Rain and Yet More Rain !

Steph and LeveretWe have had such a huge amount of rain just recently, and many animals, particularly the new born ones, are struggling.  If you are out walking, please keep your eyes open for anything “unusual”, many burrows are flooded out, washing babies out and leaving them vulnerable.

If you do find an animal in distress, or in a place where they would not naturally be expected to be found, please give us a call and ask for advice.   This little leveret (being fed by our volunteer Steph) was found on a muck heap, in a terrible condition.  We have no idea how he got there, but was certainly in need of help.  After a good wash off, dry, warm up and some food he is now doing really well.  Had he been left, he would certainly have died.

Funding crisis!

Due to several unusually large bills in the last few months, we are having a bit of a funding crisis.

We rarely ask for financial help, as we appreciate the people would much rather buy specific items for the animals in our care, and we understand this and really, genuinely, appreciate every item we receive, as it frees up money to be spent in other areas. However, running a rescue costs a massive amount of money every month, and a few unexpected bills do always cause a bit of a worry.

If you enjoy reading our updates, and hearing the news of the animals we take in, please consider making a donation, however small, to help us out.

We have had several vets bills for horses recently which were priorities. There is always a juggle and emergencies come first, but everything needs paid.

We still have one female cat to have spayed, three dogs needing spaying, one needing his dew claws removed, one needing an ECG to check on her heart. None of these are urgent, but still need to be done, and when emergencies come forward they have to take priority of course, which means other things have to wait longer. This is on top of constant feed, general vet bills and treatments, improvements and replacement items needed for the centre.

We would really appreciate some help – can you spare the cost of a summer ice-cream or a tube of sun cream? We do have a PayPal account if anybody would like to make a donation online – just click on the “Donate” button at the bottom of this page.

All donations, whether in time spent volunteering, being one of our animal collection team, goods purchased for use for the animals and support for our Charity shops is so welcome, but the fact is we also need cold hard cash.

We hope you enjoy our site, please feel free to visit us again, we will be updating regularly.

If you have any questions about animals, be it advice, wanting to find a new home for your pet, adoption or needing assistance with a rescue, please contact us either by telephone, Facebook, or contact form.  We look forward to hearing from you!