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The North East Wildlife & Animal Rescue Centre is the largest wildlife rescue in the north of Scotland. An independent Charity, based just outside Ellon, Aberdeenshire, we take in large numbers of orphaned or injured birds and mammals every year.

One of the several red squirrel we have hand reared

Wildlife rehabilitation: We have many years experience hand-rearing orphan birds, and dealing with orphaned and injured mammals, with the intention to release them back into the wild when they are fit and able.



Since we started in 2006 we have rescued and rehabilitated over 16,000 animals and birds. We have a 24/7 service, offering advice and assistance, and an Animal Ambulance to take us out and about when we are able


For more information, including what we do, where we are, and how to contact us, please visit our about page.

Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) Winner 2019

We were honoured to be nominated for an IFAW Award, and thrilled to be invited to collect our Award (Wildlife Rescue Centre of the Year) at a ceremony hosted by the Lord Desai at The House of Lords.  The Award was presented by Bill Oddie, who we were delighted to have chance for a chat with

IFAW Award Winners 2019

IFAW Animal Action Awards 2019

4 days ago


And he's off - Blue Buddy knew exactly where he was once he'd had a wee look around, stay safe young un <3 ...

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4 days ago


This is Blue Buddy. He is the 5th Roe Deer that we have taken in this year, and is the only one to survive. Two were victims of dog attacks, two were road traffic accidents, and one was a mystery illness. Blue Buddy was the victim of a car accident, which left him blind, concussed and his "stubs" were bleeding profusely. He stayed with us for a few days, and today he was very much ready to return home.
He was released back to the area he came from, following a full recovery, but if you do happen to spot a deer in the Ythanbank area with a blue rinse - that'll be our boy - do feel free to let us know!
** Edited to clarify, after "Blue" recovered from his temporary blindness due to the concussion, he was released back to the wild

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6 days ago


UPDATE - It has today been confirmed that both Knots that were brought to us, one injured and euthanased immediately, one very poorly that died shortly after arrival while we were attempting to contact the authorities about our suspicions, did have avian influenza.
Whilst there does not appear to be a huge outbreak in our area from what we can tell, we would remind everybody to please be very cautious picking up ill birds at present. The risk to humans is small, but if you do find a poorly sea bird, swan, goose, gull or wader, please wear gloves if you intend picking them up.
Any birds needing to come to the centre, please ring us first so we are aware you are on your way. We are still open, but with the Covid situation, and bird flu, we are being extremely careful for the sake of our staff, volunteers, visitors and of course the birds already at the Centre.
Please remember if you keep poultry, they, like us humans, should still be in lock-down for the time being.
(Photo kindly supplied by Catriona Komlosi)

We are aware of an outbreak in Orkney in domestic hens, which have all sadly now either died, or been culled.
However, over the past few days, we have received several calls regarding wading birds in our area (Newburgh/Ythan) particularly Red Knot. One very poorly Knot was brought to us, and immediately quarantined due to our concerns of Avian Influenza, and the unusual symptoms being presented. The bird died soon after and was bagged and stored safely.
We have since received several calls regarding these lovely little birds - normally they race around, feeding frantically, but are displaying listless symptoms, not moving around, not eating and sometimes away from the flock (not normal).
After nearly 3 hours of telephone calls trying to report our concerns to the authorities, none of which were particularly interested (DEFRA/APHA), a very nice APHA vet did take the details to forward on if necessary.
We have since read this article which is very concerning indeed!
Please, if you have domestic birds following the "lockdown guidance" and check your biosecurity is in good force.
If you find an ill bird (particularly swans/geese/gulls and now it would appear wader birds - please get in touch with APHA or DEFRA (if you can !), or do give us a call with full details and we will try to report. It is very frustrating that this is only being taken so seriously in domestic/farm poultry and little interest as yet is being shown in wild birds, but if they have it - it will likely spread fast as they are an indicator that "bird flu" is in the area.
Any wild bird found looking poorly, that is not obviously injured by an "accident" or cat/dog attack, please feel free to call for advice.
ALL birds you wish to bring to the Centre, MUST be called through in advance please on 0796 225 3867"

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