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The North East Wildlife & Animal Rescue Centre is the largest wildlife rescue in the north of Scotland. An independent Charity, based just outside Ellon, Aberdeenshire, we take in large numbers of orphaned or injured birds and mammals every year.

One of the several red squirrel we have hand reared

Wildlife rehabilitation: We have many years experience hand-rearing orphan birds, and dealing with orphaned and injured mammals, with the intention to release them back into the wild when they are fit and able.



Since we started in 2006 we have rescued and rehabilitated over 16,000 animals and birds. We have a 24/7 service, offering advice and assistance, and an Animal Ambulance to take us out and about when we are able


For more information, including what we do, where we are, and how to contact us, please visit our about page.

Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) Winner 2019

We were honoured to be nominated for an IFAW Award, and thrilled to be invited to collect our Award (Wildlife Rescue Centre of the Year) at a ceremony hosted by the Lord Desai at The House of Lords.  The Award was presented by Bill Oddie, who we were delighted to have chance for a chat with

IFAW Award Winners 2019

IFAW Animal Action Awards 2019

5 hours ago


(This is a copied post, not a New Arc cat) but please if you find him get in touch and we can pass details on <3
MISSING AND TERRIFIED!! People in the Methlick area please look out for my wee boy Zac I took him and his brother Cody to get fixed at vets today, had to hand over in car park area and the poor boy got a scare and bolted from his cage he is only 10 months old and was booked in to be chipped & if u find him please contact Methlick vets on 01651 806212 or Ellon branch on 01358 720223 or DM me for my details

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13 hours ago


A whole bundle of thanks while I'm waiting for the kettle to boil 😁 ❤️💕 ...

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15 hours ago



This is Willy, a fledgling blue tit. Willy was picked up while out practicing flying and foraging alongside his siblings. After a few days of exercising, Willy would have flown off and started his own life. His parents were nearby when Willy was taken away after the finder figured he needed help and didn't call for advice. Willy was taken inside the house and placed in a cage for 1 week and was being fed scrambled eggs, biscuits and apple juice by the children of the household. Willy's health started going downhill and the finder decided he needed to be seen by professionals. Despite our best efforts, Willy died later that evening.

Please do not pick up any wildlife unless it is obviously injured or unwell. Always call for advice prior to acting. We are running massively understaffed due to COVID-19 and we need everyone to help us prevent unnecessary/harmful rescues. No human will do as good of a job as a parent bird, deer or rabbit, and situations aren't always what they seem! Most casualties require veterinary expertise and treatment, an appropriate diet and the company of their own kind. Please do not try to do this at home, caring for wildlife is not something to be attempted for fun, there are serious legal, ethical and welfare considerations to be made when caring for wildlife and should only be attempted by experienced people. Always call a wildlife rescue centre for advice regarding any concerns for an animal.

If you would like to support our work please consider donating needed items off of our amazon wishlist or donate to our JustGiving page.


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3 days ago


Always young pigeons ready to go. A mixed bag here, from those needing to be reared, to one who had a split crop, and another with a broken leg. All fit and raring to leave - stay lucky ! ...

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