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The North East Wildlife & Animal Rescue Centre is the largest wildlife rescue in the north of Scotland. An independent Charity, based just outside Ellon, Aberdeenshire, we take in large numbers of orphaned or injured birds and mammals every year.

One of the several red squirrel we have hand reared

Wildlife rehabilitation: We have many years experience hand-rearing orphan birds, and dealing with orphaned and injured mammals, with the intention to release them back into the wild when they are fit and able.



Since we started in 2006 we have rescued and rehabilitated over 16,000 animals and birds. We have a 24/7 service, offering advice and assistance, and an Animal Ambulance to take us out and about when we are able


For more information, including what we do, where we are, and how to contact us, please visit our about page.

Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) Winner 2019

We were honoured to be nominated for an IFAW Award, and thrilled to be invited to collect our Award (Wildlife Rescue Centre of the Year) at a ceremony hosted by the Lord Desai at The House of Lords.  The Award was presented by Bill Oddie, who we were delighted to have chance for a chat with

IFAW Award Winners 2019

IFAW Animal Action Awards 2019

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Reflections of the rescuers by the rescued

Every animal or bird we deal with has to be handled by people at some point. Not only once but several times.
First there is the initial capture. This is usually only possible because of some previous trauma...An attack by some predator, a collision with a vehicle or window. Whatever the reason, the animal or bird concerned will be in shock, in pain and in fear! As far as it is concerned the ‘rescuer involved’ is only an additional stress to its current situation and has only to be considered as a predator.

However the majority of ‘rescuers’ initial instincts are to offer the comfort of a loving embrace. A perfectly natural response if dealing with people, but in actual fact the opposite of what is required with Wildlife.

First response – Cover it with something, preferably ensuring its head is covered. This will help reduce the ‘panic/ flee’ response for most animals and ensure you have some control should it try to escape.
Second – Containment and transport. Whenever possible keep the victim in a controlled area, this can be a cat box a blanket or a secure cardboard box. Too much space can lead to further panic and additional injury. A dark environment will limit stress and inhibit the ‘flee’ response.
Third – Refrain from cuddling, stroking or comforting the victim. The perception may be that this appears to keep it calm, but in actual fact the chances are that this provokes a fear response that tells it to ‘freeze’ so that the ‘predator’ that has it in its grip will lose interest and release it.
Four – Most important is Nil By Mouth! You will never see an ambulance arrive and start treating trauma victims by giving them a drink of water or offering them some food. You will never arrive at a hospital and be served either until a doctor or consultant has examined you and declared it allowable.
Time and time again as wildlife rescuers we are faced with people clutching an injured animal to their chest telling us it’s okay I’ve syringed some water into it and its had something to eat.
The Golden Rule is before doing anything, call a wildlife rescue centre and get advice. This is why we at The New Arc are available 24/7 every day of the year offering advice, guidance and rescue when required.
Sometimes we have to fight our natural instincts when faced with injured wildlife and the advice given above is not a ‘fit all’ for every situation so ask for advice, and please - follow it
(Woodcock release video - found severely concussed in the Centre of Peterhead, transported in an appropriate box, therefore stress kept to a minimum)

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Thank you to everybody who donated to our Giving Tuesday appeal - we raised a WHOPPING £1,300. Extra thanks go to those who have donated Christmas donations through our normal paypal, and to Ang for raising another £280 with the raffle she held for her wonderful portrait
Thank you all so very much, we are all very grateful 🙂 <3Thank you sooooooooooooooo much to Ang Ela for the whopping £280 she raised by raffling one of her fantastic portraits 😍😍 Angie (or Pickle as I know her) is a long time supporter of ours (and personal friend of mine) and she is the most wonderful and generous person. Happy Christmas Pickle and Michelle and thank you again from all of us at The New Arc (especially all the beasties) ❤️❤️ xx

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2 days ago

This young lady paid a visit to Peterhead School today, but only seemed interested in some reckless vandalism by throwing herself at windows, rather than sitting nicely in class. 😂🤣
With the help of staff and janitors we soon had her in detention and relocated outwith "City Limits", with a bit of a bloody nose and sore muscles but nothing she needed treatment for
Please consider donating on the above link as its Giving Tuesday.... To allow us to continue to help, in these stranger situations

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3 days ago



Reflections on Wildlife Rescue (photo by Mike Robertson)
It’s been another busy year for The New Arc. To say it has been challenging is somewhat of an understatement. A worldwide pandemic forced us to close our shop for a substantial time, our main source of income. Fundraising events such as The Kilt Walk had to be cancelled and most challenging of all is that we have had to work with far less staff and volunteers than last year.
Despite this we have managed to take in over 1300 cases of injured and orphaned Wildlife so far this year. We have continued to operate in as normal a way as we can, in providing a 24 hour, 7 days per week service, offering help, advice and assistance day and night. We have continued to improve the facilities at the centre and have now completed the building of our specialist Wildlife Hospital and are only awaiting ‘Building Warrant’ approval.
We are now busy furnishing the Hospital with all the equipment and specialised caging required to cater for the huge variety of Wildlife we have to accommodate at any given moment.
Please help us pass the finishing line and get our Wildlife Hospital open and saving lives.
Paypal are donating £1 for every £10 donated this year please donate tomorrow if you can 🙂

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If you have any questions about animals, be it advice, or needing assistance with a rescue, please contact us either by telephone (0796 225 3867), Facebook, or contact form.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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